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About this site

This site offers information on genetic, biomedical, pharmaceutical and clinical research for the development of therapeutic, preventive and diagnostic tools.

It is intended to serve patients, their organisations, and other users of health care and health research that want to be activelly involved in these fields, and want to contribute to more patient-centered innovations: 'biomedical involvement for all'

Behind biomedinvo4all is EGAN, the European Patient Network for Medical Research and Health.

The website is part of its EGANs strategy called 'Patients roadmap to treatment' to empower patients and their organisations regarding their active role in the different aspects of therapy development. 

Biomedical core information

The core information of this site comprises actual biomedical research themes in the submenu's of the Biomedical research section. If our resources aloow us, actual infomation is provided on relevant developments in the field of politoics, ethics, regulations, etc. 

Feel free to contact us if you need more information or if you would like to contribute to this initiative.



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