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About biomedinvo4all.com

Biomedinvo4all.com provides independent information on innovative medical research fields to support the active involvement of patients / patients organisations, relatives, user of health care and participants in health research.

The core information of this site comprises innovative research themes in the submenu's of the Biomedical research section. Basic, factual, information is often given as Frequently Asked Questions. If possible (because of limited resources), information on actual political, ethical and societal developments, where patients' involvements is crucial, is also provided. 

Independency and transparancy

Biomedinvo4all is hosted by the European patient organisation EGAN: European Genetic Alliances Network, an independent network of European patient organisations. By giving patients a voice in health research, EGAN wants to contribute to patient-centred research and treatment. EGAN is responsible for the content of this site, unless otherwise indicated. Some themes on biomedinvo4all are sponsored by commercial parties. EGAN takes care that all information is in the full interest of the patient and free from any conflicting commercial interest. We appriciate you suggestions for optimal transparacy.



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