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Below, you wil find downloadable publications related to the biomedical research themes on this website. Some brochures are now also availabe in German or other languages.


FAQ on Patient Registries

A registry is an organised system in which uniform data are collected for a predefined purpose. Registries of patients and/or healthy volunteers are important for assessing the prevalence and devel... Read more >>


FAQ on Innovative Medical Therapies

In recent years, innovative therapies have advanced significantly, bringing new hopes and issues to the table. A decade ago they were only an abstract concept. We hope this booklet gives a balanced... Read more >>


FAQ on social and psychological aspects of medical testing

This leaflet aims to provide ideas and guidance for patients and families who are offered diagnostic or predictive medical testing of one sort or another. It builds on the shared experience of pati... Read more >>


FAQ on Clinical Trials (various languages)

This booklet brings together some of the questions that are frequently asked by those thinking about joining a clinical trial Read more >>


FAQ on Personalised Healthcare (various languages)

In one sense, personalised healthcare is nothing new. It is what doctors have aimed to provide for their patients through the exercise of their clinical judgement, backed up by specialist knowledge... Read more >>


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